12 Steps Drug & Alcohol Rehab

How Does The 12 Step Program Work

One of the most notable (and successful) kinds of therapy for drug addiction is the 12 step program and it has helped many people to overcome narcotic dependencies. This kind of booster therapy is commonly used in rehab centres all over the world because of how effective it has proven to be over the years – and along with the other treatment and care that rehabilitation facilities can offer, many people are able to manage their addictions and stay free from drugs.

There may be many kinds of treatments available to help addicts, but the 12 step program is famous for being one of the best kinds of treatment therapy around.

How does 12 steps rehab work?

Each step of this program in particular is based on using a patient’s religion and beliefs to help them to understand that they have a problem, admit it to others and to believe that their god can help them to recover.

And, even though this program relies on religion, many people who don’t believe in a higher power are still greatly benefitted by the assistance provided.

What are the 12 steps?

  • Admit that you don’t have control over your addiction
  • Believe that there is a higher power that can help you to overcome your addiction
  • Turn your life over to the higher power that you believe can help you
  • Make an inventory of yourself
  • Admit to yourself, others and the higher power the nature of your problem
  • Prepare to remove all of your defects from yourself
  • Ask the higher power to remove your shortcomings
  • Make a list of the people that have been affected by your addiction and be willing to apologize to them
  • Apologize to them if possible, unless it would be a danger to anybody to do so
  • Continue to make an inventory of yourself – and if you were originally wrong, admit it to others and the higher power
  • Continue your contact with the higher power; through prayer, meditation, or another method that you feel is best
  • After completing the previous 11 steps, spread the message of the 12 step program to other people suffering with addiction and continue to practice them in your daily life

How to go through the 12 steps of rehab

There isn’t a right or wrong way to go through these steps. An addict can go back and redo certain steps if they feel it necessary, or they can do a few steps at once. The program will be more beneficial if the patient goes through the steps in their own way, allowing for the treatment to really make a difference.