The aim of this site is to publish original, peer reviewed articles, shorter discussion pieces, book reviews and conference reports which advance the field of alcoholism studies and which broadly address forms and modes of alcohol consumption and practice and give guidance on how to find the best rehab clinics.

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We live in a world characterised by a complex global interplay of information, economics, culture and space. People, goods and capital are more mobile than ever before. Such mobility and flux creates the conditions in which new forms of identity, work and leisure, as well as new socio – spatial configurations are emerging which may involve translocational, transnational and multi-cultural elements.

Addiction is an integral part of such processes that also involves the creation and maintenance of rehab spaces which are in part spaces of the imaginary, of fantasy and dreaming. It is within such spaces and flows that addicts with a set of expectations derived from various media such as brochures, TV programmes, the internet and the popular genres of travel writing, as much as from their previous travel experiences. The spaces of addiction are constructed, more or less consciously, to fulfil – or attempt to fulfil – such expectations through representations and the consumption of goods and services, as well as the cultural assets and activities to be found at a destination, or en route. We view addiction then as a practical issue which involves performative elements and the active engagement of the addict through practice and embodiment in the creation of meanings, identities, and place.